Saying farewell

Since everybody was free to choose their activities for the last day in Atlanta for some of us the morning began with a more than satisfying breakfast of the world famous "Buttermilk Pancakes".

In the following hours we made our way hiking through the woods to get to see the the Roswell Mill Dam.


Nate und Helena

While some of us went shopping at either Avalon or the North Point Mall others went to watch the movie "Bladerunner" - in English of course ;) .
In the evening everyone met at Ryan's house to celebrate a Farewell-party. We had an awesome buffet, good conversations and lots of fun hanging out in the garden or playing Hackysack. At around 9 pm we Germans said THANK YOU; Helena and Vivien opened our presentations by singing the Cupsong. After that it was our turn to thank our host families: each student prepared an individual speech for his/her exchange partner presenting it in front of everyone and giving a rose to the friends they made. At this point tears could no more been held back.





At last we sat on and around the couch which created a familial atmosphere watching a comedy.

At the end of the exchange one can say that it was a wonderful time no one will ever forget and we're all looking forward to the Americans visiting us in Germany.

Sarah Angenendt & Jonas Jahnke